AAMS, armored vehicles and more. Five new Belarusian weapons in 2019.

Пять новинок белорусского оружия в 2019 году

AAMS, armored vehicles and more. Five new Belarusian weapons in 2019.

9A33-B “Osa” anti-aircraft missile system
The modernization of the time-honored “Osa”, adopted into service in the seventies, in Belarus began in 2012. This was done by “2566 Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant”. In April 2019, the system was tested in the Brest region.
Like most deep upgrades, the weapon does not resemble the basic model. The new air defense system received a chassis based on the MAZ-6317 car. As a result of replacing up to 70% of electronic equipment with more modern equipment, the “Osa” system learned to recognize targets at a greater distance than the base model – according to some reports, the system detects targets at distance of up to 60 kilometers (versus 40 in earlier versions) and can shoot them down at 12 kilometers (it used to be 9).
The fire control system has also been improved – the analog computer has been replaced by a digital one, henceforth it is possible to introduce methods of guiding the missile programmatically. This makes it possible to use missiles of a different type with equal efficiency.
The commander’s automated workstation and other improvements made it possible to greatly increase ability of the “Osa” system to destroy small targets. Including, for example, drones. As a result, we have got a completely modern system that can effectively carry out its missions for at least another 10–15 years. 

Multifunctional reconnaissance complex BRDM-4B
The armored reconnaissance body BRDM-4B was developed by “Agat – Control Systems” on the basis of the MZKT-490100/V1 armored car of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. This year it was shown at the MILEX-2019 exhibition. The complex can effectively conduct reconnaissance in any weather, day or night, at distance of up to 300 kilometers from its troops – it can transmit both textual and graphic information.
The BRDM-4B consists of five complexes and systems:
• mobility complex;
• reconnaissance complex;
• information and command system;
• communication, data transmission and navigation system;
• a set of special equipment.
The coordinates of the targets detected by the BRDM-4B are determined with accuracy of 15 meters and can be displayed on a digital map. For example, a tank is detected at distance of up to 10 kilometers, a soldier – up to 7 km, a drone – up to 3 km. Having found the target, the reconnaissance complex immediately determines what it spotted.
The declared maximum speed of the car is about 120 kilometers on the road, it overcomes ford up to one and a half meters. In addition to reconnaissance as such, the BRDM-4B can block radio-controlled explosive devices and put smoke screens.

Anti-aircraft complex “TRIO” - missiles, guns and machine guns
In fact, the “Trio” anti-aircraft complex, first shown at MILEX-2019, is not one, but three types of weapons at once. Modern war is increasingly turning into a drone war, and it’s not so easy to bring down these devices effectively. Belarusian gunsmiths from “BSVT – New Technologies” LLC solved the problem in an original way: they combined missile, cannon and machine gun complex, each on a separate chassis, and added a command post that allows you to manage all this wealth effectively.
The “Trio” includes:
• mobile reconnaissance and command post, on the basis of which a command post is deployed;
• upgraded combat vehicle of the “Strela-10” anti-aircraft missile system with a round-the-clock passive optoelectronic station – it allows you detecting and tracking targets at distance of 20 kilometers and shoot down targets with size of 30×30 cm with advanced R-60BM missiles;
• upgraded anti-aircraft self-propelled weapon ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” with modern optoelectronic reconnaissance and guidance complex;
• robotic fire system “BERSERK” with high-speed aircraft machine guns GShG-7.62. With speed of fire of 12,000 rounds per minute, it allows you to create a real downpour of bullets, destroying enemy drones.
Thus, a centrally controlled complex of three “components” allows you to effectively counter modern UAVs of various classes and other air targets.

Heavy armored vehicle “Zashchitnik”
Like other types of military equipment described above, the “Zashchitnik” vehicle was first introduced at MILEX-2019. The model was developed and manufactured by OJSC “140 Repair Plant”.
Structurally, this is an armored car of MRAP class (mine resistant ambush protected – protected from undermining and attacks from ambushes). V-shaped bottom with strong armor allows the car not to be blown up by mines. In addition, the vehicle’s armor allows protecting military personnel from small arms fire, in particular, from 7.62×54 mm caliber armor-piercing incendiary bullets. 
Tactically, the “Zashchitnik” vehicle can be used for the transfer of personnel (including special forces), and also as a protected control point, a moving firing point, a communications vehicle and more.
The vehicle is made on an all-wheel drive chassis MAZ-631708 of bonnet arrangement with wheel formula of 6×6. An all-metal welded case with the 4th class protection is installed on the frame, the glass of the car is armored. Engine power – 400 horsepower, highway speed is up to 90 kilometers per hour, cruising range for 60 km/h – at least 1,000 kilometers. The “Zashchitnik” vehicle weighs 19.8 tons.
An armored car can carry up to 16 military personnel (two in front and 14 in the rear), if necessary, the “Zashchitnik” vehicle can be equipped with combat modules with machine guns, including large-caliber ones. Military personnel inside the vehicle may also fire from small arms through loopholes.

Medium-range air defense system “Buk-MB3K”
Like the modernized “Osa”, the Buk-MB3K medium-range air defense system developed by “OKB TSP” is similar to the original “Buk” except for the name. In fact, this is a new development.
The model is equipped with a thermal imaging and optical system that allows tracking targets without the use of the radar at any time of the day and the accuracy of the fire is approximately doubled.
Digital communication and data transmission systems have improved communication between the elements of the anti-aircraft system and the new 9M318MB anti-aircraft guided missile with an active homing head can hit targets at ranges of up to 70 km (in earlier versions of the “Buk”, the firing range did not exceed 35 kilometers).
The “Buk-MBZ” is mounted on a specially designed all-wheel drive chassis MZKT-692250 with 8×8 wheel arrangement. Under its own power, the system can march up to 1000 kilometers.
It can be easily integrated into any air defense and missile defense system, complementing systems of greater and shorter range. Among other things, the system is capable of shooting down winged missiles flying at low altitudes.

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