The MK-80BM Infrared Homing Head Has Been Upgraded

SAMI companies have developed and manufactured a new electronic compartment for the MK-80BM infrared homing head, which uses an advanced electronic element base.

Groza-R4 – a New Word of KB Radar JSC in the Fight Against Drones

KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding has completed the development, manufacture and acceptance tests of the device for blocking radio channels and navigation of multicopters. Groza-R4 (such a name received a product) intended to prevent unauthorised penetration of drones to a protected area.

Precise Electromechanics Factory Republican Production Unitary Enterprise (RPUE) Presented a Special Non-Lethal Protective Device at the MILEX-2021

Precise Electromechanics Factory Republican Production Unitary Enterprise (RPUE) successfully tested an experimental model of the product related to special ammunition of non-lethal action at short distances.
The enterprise’s development has aroused a great interest among specialists. It is intended to transform Makarov gun filled with 9 x 18 mm live ammunition into non-lethal weapons and eliminates the need for bearing a separate lethal gun. The special protective device is a plastic attachment, fitted to the bolt carrier of the gun, with a detachable metal submunition.

AGAT – Control Systems JSC has upgraded the MRS-A1 mobile robotic system

The MRS-A1 mobile robotic complex (MRS), developed by AGAT – Control Systems JSC – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding, is capable of solving a wide range of tasks. The complex can be used for remote engineering works with the use of a manipulator and attachable equipment (payload modules), solving tasks of visual reconnaissance, environmental monitoring to detect adverse factors and radio activity as well as explosive vapors, shifting cargo of various applications.

2566 Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant JSC Has Successfully Carried out Preliminary Tests of the Chassis

At the end of April, within the framework of the MT-LBu chassis maintenance, according to the developed repair documentation, 2566 Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant JSC successfully carried out preliminary tests of the chassis for their compliance with the technical characteristics. Driving performance has been confirmed, the operability of systems and units has been checked, including tightness and testing of the product afloat.

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Precise Electromechanics Plant has fulfilled the national objective of creating small-sized aircraft means of destruction

For a number of years the Republic of Belarus has been working on creation of domestic unmanned combat aerial vehicles.
One of the important tasks in this area is development of aircraft weapons for combat UAVs, which significantly differ in their weight and size characteristics from the standard means used in the Air Force.

KB Radar JSC Will Present Its New Cuirasse-M System at MILEX-2021

KB Radar JSC has completed development and begun testing of a new product –Cuirasse-M 3D multilateration positioning system for UAV.
The system is designed to detect, identify, recognise and 3D-locate UAVs by their data transmission signals.
The system detects UAVs in standby mode of the time difference of arrival (TDOA) method. Due to the standby mode, the system operates unnoticeably, does not interfere with the surrounding infrastructure and can be effectively and safely used even at airports.

TRIO SAM System Is Capable of Using Surface-to-Air and Air-Launched Missiles

BSVT–New Technologies LLC initiated the development of the Trio surface-to-air missile system mounted on the ASILAK light armoured vehicle. The design incorporates advanced concepts for developing air defence systems that are capable of countering precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles.
The large-scale R&D project envisages the development of a universal weapon station capable of firing two types of ammunition (the R-60-NT short-range air-launched missile and 9M37M surface-to-air missile), and an acoustic and optical surveillance system.

Classroom Equipment

AGAT - Control Systems JSC supplied and installed equipment for training officer cadets to work at the Gorizont tropospheric system for the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus.
Modern simulators allow future officers to improve theoretical knowledge and practical skills, raise the level of professional education. The arrangement of the classroom has become a timely step in organising the educational process due to the start of serial production of this type of equipment and the supply of mobile tropospheric systems to the Belarusian Armed Forces.

Precise Electromechanics Plant: Import Substitution in Action

Import substitution is one of the priority areas at the Precise Electromechanics Plant republican production unitary enterprise. This is manifested in setting up the production of competitive domestically made products and their delivery to the national and foreign markets in order to reduce imports and increase the company’s export capacity.

Chimera – nuclear, biological, chemical reconnaissance vehicle

Agat – Electromechanical Plant JSC has launched a promising project to develop the Chimera nuclear, biological, chemical reconnaissance vehicle, which has significantly superior characteristics in comparison with its predecessors.
The R&D project will be financed by Belvneshpromservice. According to the developers, Chimera will be displayed at the MILEX 2021 exhibition.

Belarusian Army Adopts the Bogatyr-2 Combined Radio Station R-186

At the beginning of October 2020, by the order of the Defenсe Minister of the Republic of Belarus, the Bogatyr-2 combined radio station R-186, developed by AGAT – Control Systems JSC – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding, was adopted by the Belarusian Army and supplied to the troops.

KB Radar JSC Modernises the Groza-S Counter-UAV EW Station

Specialists of KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding have improved the design and software of the Groza-S electronic warfare (EW) station. The innovations are based on the experience of operating this product against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various climatic conditions, as well as at the users’ request.

Whistle Robotic System Passes the First Firing Tests

From 14 to 15 October 2020, the first field tests of the Whistle robotic system, developed by the specialists of BSVT – New Technologies LLC, took place at one of the Belarusian military training grounds. It was first demonstrated at the parade in Minsk in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
During the tests, the fire control system and other important components of the unmanned vehicle were tested.

Shkval Test-Fired Successfully

The prototype combat vehicle of the 122 mm Shkval multiple launch rocket system, developed by VOLATAVTO JSC, was successfully test-fired at the Osipovichsky firing range in late September. All the vehicle’s systems were tested, and the specified characteristics were confirmed.

Bogatyr-2 Knows No Fatigue

AGAT-Control Systems JSC took part in the technical support of the stages of the international competition of anti-aircraft missile troops units “Confident reception”, held annually within the framework of the International Army Games. The equipment of the combined radio station Bogatyr-2 provided stable satellite communications using the domestic communications BELINTERSAT-1 satellite, which allowed to organise live video broadcasts of the games among the cities of Minsk, Borisov, Baranovichi, Osipovichi and Grodno.