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“VOSTOK” radar

Mobile solid-state digital VHF radar “VOSTOK” is designated for detection of air objects within coverage area of the radar, measurement of their range, azimuth and range rate, transmission of radar information into an integrated control system.
The radar can operate both in standalone mode and in automation complex.

Low-flying and ground objects detection X-band radar “Rodnik”

“Rodnik” radar is designated for usage in mobile low-flying radar groups, in automated radar reconnaissance systems for air objects and other detection systems, measurement of coordinates and motion parameters of air (azimuth, range, flight level, range rate) and ground objects (azimuth, range, range rate),

“Vostok-3D” radar 

“Vostok-3D” radar is designated for detection of aerial platforms, measurement of their range, azimuth, altitude and range rate, automatic target classification and transmission of data into an integrated control system.

External appearance of automated work place of an operator

Radar station 80K6M

detection, automatic tracking and measurement of three coordinates and movement parameters of air targets (including ballistic ones);
identification of targets with the help of ground interrogator;
direction finding of passive jammers;
transfer of combat radar images to the associated means.

“ROSA-Е” low-flying target detection radar system

“Rosa” is designed for automatic detection and tracking of low-altitude aerial platforms and output of track information to an automated control system. 
- from 1 to 5 autonomous low-altitude target detection radar sets (LARS);
- remote control system;
- SPTA set.