EW equipment

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Automated control post “Berezina”

- control of jamming stations of VHF/HF radio communication “Groza”, “Purga”; 
- control of direction finders of VHF/HF band “Grif”, “Zhuravl”;
- automatic data exchange with similar control post. 

“Groza-O” complex for detection of multicopters operators

Automated search on the ground and video registration of multicopters’ operators.

“Groza-Z” complex for facility protection against multicopters

Facility protection against mass-production civilian multicopters of DJI Phantom 2, 3, 4; Inspire; Mavic; Matrice; Walkera Voyager 3, etc. type.

“Purga” HF radio communication jammer

Radio reconnaissance designation of the system: - automatic search, technical analysis, direction finding and detection of location (when operating as mated pair) of HF fixed-frequency and frequency hopping radio emission sources of tactical and strategic control links with distribution of signals by surface and space wave in the automatic link establishment mode and in the pre-programmed frequency hopping mode with the speed up to 300 hops/s; - reception and decoding of “Mode-S” identification signals of aerial platforms, trajectory imaging of aerial platforms radiating “Mode-S” signals;

Mobile jamming station of VHF band "Groza"

Designation of radio reconnaissance  stations: automatic search, detection, determination of bearings and coordinates (while operating as mated pair), technical analysis of emissions of VHF ground and aerial radio communications operating at fixed frequencies, as well as in the mode of pre-programed radio frequency hopping with the speed up to 1000 times per second in the 30 MHz band; reception and transmission of information to the control center. Designation of radio suppression stations: radio suppression of VHF ground, aviation and satellite radio communication links: up to 20 lines operating at fixed frequencies quasi-simultaneously; one link operating in the pre-programed radio frequency hopping mode with the speed up to 500 times per second in the 30 MHz band.

“Optima-B” System

Optima-B” System (GPS Satellite Navigation System Terminal Spoofing Jammer) GPS satellite system terminal spoofer “Optima-B” (hereinafter, the “Optima-B”) is designed to generate and radiate, in real time, the signals whose characteristics and parameters are identical to characteristics and parameters of the signals generated by the GPS satellites at an assigned navigation receivers’ station point.

“Groza-S” counter-UAV electronic warfare station

“Groza-S” station enables the following tasks:
- automatic search, detection, UAV direction-finding based on emissions from data transfer channel (downlink, UAV – ground control post); 
- automatic search, detection, GCP (ground control post) direction-finding based on emissions from control channel (uplink, GCP – UAV);