PGO-7V3 Grenade Launcher Optical Sight

PGO-7V3 Grenade Launcher Optical Sight

PGO-73V3 Telescopic Sight for grenade launchers is designated for targeting of handheld antitank grenade launchers, conducting of aimed fire with use of ammunition PG-7VL, PG-7VM, PG-7VR and battlefield supervision.

Reticle of a sight allows to measure distance to the standard target, to take into account the ballistics of various ammunition, as well as to introduce lateral corrections to the boresight position.

Reticle illumination is provided for operation under low illumination conditions.

Removable light filters improve visibility through a sight under various meteorological conditions.

The tight case is filled with dry nitrogen for prevention of weeping of optical parts at temperature difference.


Performance characteristics


Visible magnification, ratio


Angular field of view, ang. deg


Input pupil diameter, mm


Exit pupil diameter, mm


Eye relief, mm


Supply voltage, V

3 (1 power cell СR1/3N or 2 cells (AG13) of 1,5 V)

Weight, kg


Overall dimensions (with removed lens cover), mm


Operating temperature range, °C

-50… +50