“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module

“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module

“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module is intended for determination of a distance to the object which is located within the field of view of the transmitting lens.

The operating principle of the item is based on estimation of the time of light signal passing being radiated by laser range finder module transmitter to the target and back.


Performance characteristics

Minimum distance being measured, m   


Maximum distance being measured*, m 

20 000

Measurement accuracym

± 3

Radiation wavelength, µm


Measurement frequencyHz            

up to 12,5

Supply voltageV

24 (18 ÷ 32)

Overall dimensionsmm   




Operating temperature range, оС 


 * parameter should be stipulated in the course of order discussion. 



Interface RS 422             

Significant time of continuous operation (maximum 30 minutes)   


Complete set of delivery:

“Zenith” Laser Range Finder Module

Optical viewing device 8xx 42

Cover (х2)

Connecting plug

Service cable

Operating Manual

PCB with a Software (one for 20 items)