Acoustic safe "ARB-DG Kolchan"

Acoustic safe "ARB-DG Kolchan"

Acoustic safe "ARB-DG Kolchan" is designated for the protection of voice information that circulates at the location of the cell's owner. 
The protection is ensured by automatic acoustic noise masking of voice information transmission channel when activating remotely the microphone of the cell.

Technical characteristics:

 Controlled ranges    

GSM: 900, 1800 MHz
UMTS (3G) 2100 MHz


 Noise level at the location of the cell microphone     

 not less than 100 dB

 Effective spectrum of noise signal    

 250 – 4000 Hz

 Power supply "Kolchan"    

 AAA-type battery

 Continuous operation time from one battery set    

 not less than 30 days