The modernization of 9А33BM2 up to the level 9А33-1B

The modernization of 9А33BM2 up to the level 9А33-1B

Modernization of combat vehicles 9A33- BM2 from air-defense missile system 9K33 configuration is fulfilled with the aim to extend its lifetime, improve technical characteristics by transfer on a modern element base.

All supplied assemblies, units from the mounting kit have resource of 10 000 hours.
All supplied goods for modernization pass full cycle of factory tests, which determined by military standards of the Republic of Belarus, these tests even include reliability inspection.

Works due to modernization of combat vehicle 9A33BM2 can be performed as per the following main variants:

Variant I – the basic level of modernization. The basic level should be understood as: the replacement of a counting-solving device (SRP) with a specialized computerized SV-RT computer, the upgrading of the high-frequency paths of the receiving devices of the target detection station, the target escort station, the sighting stations of missiles, and the APCM command station;

Variant II – modernization of the target detection station (SOC) and introduction of the commander's automated workplace (ARM-K) into the combat vehicle;

Variant III – modernization of the target tracking station (SSC);

Variant IV – modernization of the television optical sight (TOV);

Variant V – complete modernization up to the level of 9A33-1B.

The modernization variants II, III and IV are in addition to the basic level, and works on each of these variants are carried out in conjunction with the works on modernization of the PSA and high-frequency paths of the stations.

At the request of the Customer it is possible to carry out the following additional works on the modernization of combat vehicles 9A33BM2:

- the introduction of the wheeled chassis information system (ISKSh);
- equipping the combat vehicle with a thermal imaging system for night driving;
- replacement of radio communication facilities;
- equipping the combat vehicle with air conditioning and heating system.